Adventure Time
Season 5, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date February 27, 2013
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Vault of Bones
The Great Bird Man


Finn and Jake try to get to the highest point from the sea to see their house.


Major CharactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Jake

Minor CharactersEdit

  • BMO
  • Elephant King
  • King Worm
  • Turtle Princess
  • Mario Bird
  • Luigi Bird
  • Baby Fishes from Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
  • Magic Man
  • Waving Snail
  • Chicken
  • V People
  • Cow
  • Octopus
  • Whale
  • Cryptid

Mentioned CharactersEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum


Episode connectionsEdit

  • Various characters from previous episodes (and even other shows) make cameos as Finn and Jake`s stacks to be the highest.
  • The cryptid from the only picture Betty was seen in makes a cameo near Finn and Jake`s treehouse. It was revealed that Jake saw him, but Finn didn`t.

Cultural referencesEdit

  • Various characters from other shows (such as Mario and Luigi from their video game series, Cow and Chicken from Cow and Chicken) appear as Jake and Finn`s stacks to be the highest.
    • Not only that, but, like all the rest of the stack are unusually strong and durable to hold all that weight.