Desert Fishing
Season 5, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date May 11, 2013
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Finn and Jake are sent by Princess Bubblegum to keep an eye on Lemongrab. Unfortunately for them, Lemongrab is fishing in a desert and fishing for a tough fish to fish.


Lemongrab tries six times. The first time, he finally finds it, gets cocky, and gets dumped in the water. The second time he tried to fish, he caught a duck and a fish. On the third time, the fish scares him and gets dumped in the water. The fourth time, the fish looks for him all over and almost misses him. However, he does not, but gets dumped in the water. The fifth time, the outcome is similar to the third. The sixth time, he catches him, but is disappointed when he finds her egg and a porcupine hatches. Lemongrab flips out, starts yelling, and throws the porcupine on the chicken.

Finn and Jake cheer him up enough so he tries a last time. Lemongrab 2 calls him saying that a saddle on the Lemon Pegasus must be changed. So, he gives up and steps out, leaving his boat. When he leaves, Finn and Jake try to fish for the fish as the episode ends.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Lemongrab 2

Mentioned CharactersEdit

  • Lemonegasus


Cultural referencesEdit

  • When Lemon Blowfish puffs, it puffs in the shape of a lemon, similar to a real world pufferfish. However, real world pufferfishes don`t puff in an exact shape.

Episode connectionsEdit

  • Finn and PB use the holo-pendant from The Other Tarts.


  • The duck`s feathers are lighter than earlier in the episode. However, it is the same duck.


  • The duck is