Blaze used to be Flambit (created by Flame Princess in one of her outbursts of wrath). After granted a new form by Flame King, he established a very important part of the Fire Kingdom: the Magma Province.


Blaze started out as a Flame Guard at the Fire Palace, when Flame Princess was still imprisoned in the lantern. One night, while Flame King was holding a masquerade ball, Flame Princess escaped her prison and, in a fit of rage, turned Blaze into a Flambit, along with another unfortunate soul (the one other than Blaze was Flambo). Flambo soon tried to establish a friendship between him and Blaze; however, these efforts abruptly stopped when Blaze cast a cold spell on Flambo. Blaze's cold spell was very powerful and Flambo was nearly extinguished from it. However, this act of evil was brought to Flame King's attention, and Flame King began to favor the Flambit, referring to Blaze as his 'pet.' Soon Blaze had dirt on everyone in the castle, and told Flame King everything he knew. And eventually, Flame King started thinking that his evil could be a great service to the Fire Kingdom. So he transformedmed Blaze into a Flame Guard once more-except all dark in color, save some white candles on his head and hands. This creature was later named a Magma Demon. Blaze dicovered that, as a Magma Demon, he had great magical powers, almost equal to Flame King's. He set off and established a castle of his own (Magma Castle)-with numerous passages, vents, crypts, rooms, treasure rooms, music chambers, libraries, etc. A village was erected there, called Candelabra City, and soon a great wall with three towers shaped like candles. This section of Flame Kingdom was called the Magma Province, and Blaze was named Count Blaze Magma.

The Lich once hid in a crypt deep in the underground tunnels of Magma Castle. Eventually, he descended into the sewers. These sewers led him to the outskirts of Fire Kingdom in the far-corners or Ooo. He blocked off the sewers after crawling out of the Well of Power.